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Back Pain

Approximately 67% of Americans will be affected by back pain at some point in their lives. 85-95% of the time the back pain will be caused by a mechanical source, which means bone, muscle, joint, fascial, or soft tissue structures are significantly involved with the pain. At Danto Osteopathic, we specialize in conservatively addressing these structural problems, restoring function, and THRIVING in Body, Mind, and Spirit!

Osteopathic Manual Medicine Targets the Causes of Back Pain

Somatic Dysfunction

Somatic dysfunction is the term given to body mechanical problems that are treatable with OMT (osteopathic manipulative treatment). Specifically it has been described as alteration of the muscles, bones, or joints and the flow and health of the related blood vascular system, nervous system, and lymphatic system. Somatic dysfunction has been implicated to play a significant role in the health of every organ system of the body. 

#LowBackPain aka #Lumbago

Osteopathy has over 100-years of experience in successfully treating people with low back pain.

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