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Follow-along Exercise Prescription

Lower Body Exercise Prescription

This is a 30-minute Lower Body Intermediate Exercise Prescription video. This is the basic, all-inclusive stretch and balance treatment. If you experience pain, discomfort, or extreme fatigue while exercising with me, it probably means you need some OMT or further instruction with me or your personal clinician.

Seated Continuum-like Exercise

Continuum-like exercises invites one to tune-in to their own body and move in ways that encourage pain-free motion. After one slowly explores movement in directions that are pain-free they often find that their range of pain-free motion is improved. These exercises are based on the work of Emile Conrad and people are encouraged to explore Continuum Movement® at for both online and possible in-person experiences. 

Standing Lower Body Exercise Rx

Dr. Danto shares a 15-minute standing Exercise Prescription routine to stretch and re-balance muscles related to lower back, hips, pelvis, and legs. This exercise routine is an intermediate level and one should listen to their bodies while trying it. If something is uncomfortable, then they should discuss it with their clinician at their next visit.  

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