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Targeted Self-Treatments

Foot Self-Treatment

A lot of people have foot pain and osteopathic treatment (OMT) can help improve joint mobility and improve muscle, nerve, and soft tissue function. Dr. Danto shares a self-treatment video for foot care that helps to improve overall function and decrease pain. Self-care approaches like those presented in this video combined with a clinician who uses OMT or some of the other types of hands-on treatments can help people THRIVE from the soles of their feet to the soul of their being!

Pulled Groin Follow-along

This is the original video demonstration of the self-treatment Exercise Rx for a "pulled groin" with the whole story. Please keep it in mind if you have a tendency to get "groin pulls" or have hip pains. Obviously this is not a substitute for a complete diagnosis and treatment by a medical specialist.

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