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Normalization of Muscle Function

Information for Patients about NOMF

Normalization of Muscle Function is a book written for physicians and students as a guide to treat and normalize muscle function and help in the treatment of pain and almost any body dysfunction that has a musculoskeletal component or nerve reflex involved. Almost half of the book is written in the form of patient handout instructions for physicians to provide. It is available through Click the link below:


About the book

Physician, Therapist & Student Section

Normalization of Muscle Function is a cross between a textbook and an atlas. It has been designed to provide a quick reference to optimize practical use. A patient can walk into the office and after a pain complaint has been established by the medical assistant the patient can be given the NOMF Pain Referral & Quick Reference Guide to help the physician make the diagnosis before ever entering the treatment room. The treatment plan can be referenced directly to the textbook & the physician can even have a PDF printed via the DVD and a PC/mac ready for their patient encounter. With over 2,000 color pictures & illustrations, detailed patient instructions ready to copy for each muscle and clear physician instructions it will be an invaluable addition to your library. Click the link below to go to to buy the book or the guidebook. All current proceeds currently go to the American Academy of Osteopathy (at least as far as we know ;-).

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