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Dr. Fulford's
Touch of Life

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About the Book

Dr. Fulford in his 90's authored this book written for patients about Osteopathy and Healing. It's contents include the plain English explanation of the his philosophy of practice and some of his secrets for living a healthy and vital life, including exercises and lifestyle modifications. 

This is a "quick" read, but it is dense in its simplicity. Fans of this book often find something different each time they read it. Much of the wisdom Dr. Fulford's shares reflect and may be found in varying degrees within the practices of Osteopaths all around the world. Many osteopathic clinicians have practices unique to them, but the underlying principles of Osteopathy should be the same. Many find Dr. Fulford's words inspirational, and  this should not be surprising because he spent the great part of his life exploring ways of helping people heal.

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