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Your Guided Journey to a Happier Life: A Journaling Experience

The goal of "Your Guided Journey to a Happier Life" is to simplify the readers path to a happier life. Generally, most people feel that they could be happier. The activities contained within the book provide the reader a wealth of options that when added or modified within a person's lifestyle that promote progress towards attaining a happier life. An important part of that journey is the journaling experience, but there are other scientifically proven similar methods of attaining a greater sense of wellbeing. One such method is simply sharing one's thoughts about one of the lifestyle options or modifications that is explored. 


How often does your day end with you reviewing what went wrong and then staying awake at night thinking about those issues?  This book will help you shift your thoughts towards what went right today! We all have many goals in our day-to-day lives. These goals may be related to health, happiness, athletic achievement, financial success, academic achievement, career advancement, social interaction, love...etc. Many of the concepts utilized in "Your Guided Journey to a Happier Life" are designed to smooth the journey toward goal accomplishment and, consequently, empower a person's successful attainment of their goals. Every step that one takes in the direction of happiness softens the inevitable detours that one encounters in one's journey towards their goals. The currency of happiness and wellness that one banks throughout their lives creates a cushion to support themselves through harder times.  By applying the concepts of gratitude, optimism, tolerance, forgiveness, coping and others you will build Happiness Equity!

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