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Apolo Anton Ohno's Osteopathic Story

2002 Olympic Gold

cervical posterior counterstrain.jpg

OMT Achieves Better Neck Pain Relief than Exercise Alone

 International Journal of Osteopathic Medicine

March 2022

OMT Helps Patients with Low Back pain

Annals of Family Medicine March 2015


OMT Helps with Low Back Pain in Pregnancy & Post-pregnancy

Journey of Osteopathic Medicine

July 2018

News: News

Press Release: Nonsurgical Decompression Resolved Lumbar Disc Extrusion

Dr. Danto & Student Dr. Danto presented an important  Case Report at a national medical conference in Colorado Springs, CO in March 2023

Evidence Based Osteopathic Medicine

Dr. J. recently revisited an editorial he wrote in 2014 for the Journal of Osteopathic Medicine attempting to bridge his viewpoints from today with his academic past 

Integrated Neuromusculoskeletal Release & the Novel Application of a Segmented A/P Approach in the Spine

The JAOA published this article by Dr. J. in 2003

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