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Sports Medicine at Danto Osteopathic

At the Danto Osteopathic Clinic we treat athletes of every skill level and age. Osteopathy's focus upon the biomechanical workings of the body and its influence on BODY, MIND, and SPIRIT align perfectly with the objectives of sports medicine. Watch our YouTube below to hear more about our approach to treating athletes.

Physician as Coach Philosophy

At Danto Osteopathic we do not treat only athletes, but we recognize that all of our patients are athletes. We are dedicated to normalizing and optimizing patients in Body, Mind, and Spirit so that they may THRIVE!

Part of our Sports Medicine approach to care recognizes the physician in the additional role of coach. Expect a positive approach to coaching that recognizes you for your best attributes and empowers you to build upon your strengths. Osteopathic care supports and empowers you rather than shaming you. Life is a series of 2 steps forwards and 1 step back. We all need to focus upon moving forwards and our positive momentum!

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