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Our Healing Atmosphere...

It's official, it has been a bit over 2-months since we opened our doors and things are progressing FANTASTICALLY! I cannot help but reflect on how super-fortunate we have been in developing a great network of patient's in such a short time. Debbie and I have been building this practice from the ground up with lessons learned over our 20+ years of experience in healthcare and we are proud of the healing atmosphere that we have developed at Danto Osteopathic!

Patients have already been remarking that they 'feel more relaxed' in our treatment rooms than they do at home sometimes. I have heard similar things over the years when I had my old practice and I have some theories:

  1. The energy in the treatment room is charged by the "healing" experiences of patients. This may sound odd to some, but there has been research supporting the use of "healing experiences" or "healing energies," similar to what may be produced when receiving OMT or Medical Acupuncture performed that results an ionic, energetic. Some of the original work in this field was performed at respectable institutions like UCLA and contributed to the development of Psychoneuroimmulogy as a science.

  2. The ancient Greeks developed Asclepieia Temples where sick people who were observant of the Greek Gods of the time went to experience healing of their ailments. The temples had chambers where people could lay down in an isolation on hard stone for hours at time and surrender themselves to the will of Asclepius. The wild thing about it was the temple priests took fantastic records and recorded amazing stories of healing including tumors disappearing.

  3. Lastly, I believe that the atmosphere that we try to create at Danto Osteopathic is congruent with leaving one's troubles at the door. The time you spend with us is time that you've dedicated to healing. You know that you are there for one purpose and so does your body. In many offices, there may be some stress associated with getting there or stress from insensitive staff, but at Danto Osteopathic we STRIVE for you to have a POSITIVE EXPERIENCE from start to finish.

In short, I don't know 100% why people tend to feel more relaxed when at the Danto Osteopathic Clinic, but we are dedicated to making each visit a healing experience where you can NORMALIZE, OPTIMIZE AND THRIVE!

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